Ok What the Hell Bob Barker?


Well we all know that Bob Barker left the famous show “The Price is Right”, but did you know who’s going to replace him? Well if it were up to him it would be Rosie O’ Donnell. There’s not much more to say about this particular choice because just what the hell? Let me know your thoughts though because I’m still baffled.

There are actually a lot of other people who are also up for hosting the show like: John O’Hurley, Mark Steines, Todd Newton and George Hamilton, but still Rosie is just blowing my mind.

But who knows maybe some of you would like to see that, would you?

3 thoughts on “Ok What the Hell Bob Barker?”

  1. I have to say that his decision to even think of of Rosie sure has deminished my positive thoughts of Bob Barker. Shame on him for even thinking of such a foul mouth, self centered person as a replacement.

  2. Yep I have to agree. I can’t imagine her being host of anything on public TV channels anymore. But here’s the real question: who bothers to watch CBS anyway? They don’t have any good shows on there.

  3. Shame on Bob Barker for supporting animal organizations that KILL BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!
    Barker just gave $2,500,000 to PETA that was caught by police killing and dumpiing animals with a van full of controlled euthanasia drugs, syringes, dead bodies, and two kids unlicensed to use the drugs. They admitted killing and dumping animal bodies in dumpsters on a regular basis, not counting the 28,000 they’ve killed so far at their own facility. Some of their dramatic campaigns and ‘rescues’ in front of cameras have actually resulted in them killing the animals they claim they “saved”. Bob Barker is helping them come to Los Angeles by providing their west coast headquarters. We don’t want PETA here Bob Barker!

    Another top pick of Barker is run by his girlfriend Nancy Burnet, the Vice President of the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley. February 7, 2010 they were exposed for doing mass secret killing of animals over two decades. Their public facade is that they are a ‘spay neuter clinic’ but they have a secret agenda of getting a hold of as many animals as they can and they kill them. They are a private organization that functions on private donations. Barker’s average donation is about $900 and he has given them well over $200,000. Employees say not only does Nancy Burnet condone the killing, she speaks of going out late at night with the primary killer Lynn Hildebrand the “humane educator”.

    Bob Barker, why do you support killing of animals? Now when I hear of advocates touting spay/neuter as the sole solution to animals issues, I will think of Bob Barker and how he also supports KILLING OF ANIMALS because he is helping these organizations stay alive and kill more.

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