Moto Q: Crap never looked so good


So as anyone knows getting a new phone can bring some excitement. Well for me it gave me a reason to have that in your face, boasting, gloatiful attitude well for a while at least. For any technological geek like myself the Moto Q was the perfect answer. Big, bulky, and a full qwerty keyboard well I was in heaven, right up until I turned it on and realized that Moto Q’s Windows Mobile Os had the look of a pc, and also the crashing rate of one.

It seems that this phone while it looks nice was really a piece of crap, even my LG phone which was certifiable crap was less crapier then this phone. Let’s say in a situation where I needed to make an important phone call or text message I would be better off with two paper cups with a string and a telegraph machine. After a couple months of use I realized this phone was a huge pain in the a**, however I did like the attention I’d get from just simply pulling it out, trust me the reactions were great.

Other then the constant freezing issues easy to use features, storing numbers, calling people houses or cells or texting, well simple features really aren’t even so simple. It’s to complicated for it’s own good almost like the complex watch where you go, “Yea but can it tell time?”

Overall this phone needs to improve, and it will through time and through better understanding of what needs to be done, primarily the freezing and some features. The look is great…yea I love it even though my fat fingers hit all sorts of small buttons all the time almost but it really is a cool looking phone.

 It’s cool yea…but give it time it’ll be less crappy.

-David Corwin

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