Ash Gets Groovy in the Marvel Universe


Hey everybody. It’s me, Todd. I am writing what will hopefully be the first of many articles on this Mecca of a website. Something occurred to me recently: Geeks and Nerds like comics. Why isn’t there comic coverage on the site? Is it because David doesn’t like Superman, Batman or The Legend of Zelda? No. It is merely that I have not yet been born. But I have.

So, what’s a good read these days? Well, a recent personal favorite of mine has been the combination of three of the sweetest things on Earth: Bruce Campbell, Marvel Superheroes and Zombies. “Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness” pits Ash and his trusty chainsaw against classic heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine. Of course the heroes are in zombie form, and hungry for flesh, so there’s no reason to get upset over them being killed. That was a crappy sentence. I wish I could word it better but who has time? Anyways, Ash goes around trying to save the world from the diseased heroes with the help of non infected super vixens, Dazzler and Scarlet Witch. The first 3 issues have been a good read, with such shocking events as, Donald Duck being blown away by a shotgun and Ash walking down a sidewalk. So if you get the chance pick one up today. It may be the single best comic ever created. By humans.

And remember:
Always cut away from yourself.

4 thoughts on “Ash Gets Groovy in the Marvel Universe”

  1. That wasn’t Donald Duck. It LOOKED like Donald Duck, but it’s actually one of Marvel’s own characters, Howard the Duck.

    I’m enjoying the series. I loved the original Marvel Zombies, I love Army of Darkness and Bruce Campbell. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s another miniseries. I wish marvel would stop jerking our chains and make an entire series out of the Marvel Zombies universe.

  2. Sheesh Todd! I can’t believe you got information incorrect! You can’t tell your ducks apart!? You shouldn’t be writing for then!

    But we need you… seriously… stay… please? 😯

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