Lara Croft Coming to Wii

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Companies can’t afford not to develop for the Wii system! Eidos is the latest company to join the band wagon with Tomb Raider Anniversary. Unlike the Xbox 360 and the PS3 the Wii costs less money to develop for. The development kits costs around $2,000 versus Xbox 360 and PS3 around $10,000. Also considering that the Wii is not a high definition machine, rendering is objects a quicker process. This allows developers to again save time and money. Considering that the system continues to sell at high rates around the world to people from all generations, Nintendo has positioned its machine to give developers the opportunity to make some mega-profits.

“The Wii home video game system is a hugely innovative games console and we wanted to make a special version of Anniversary to appeal to Wii owners,” said Kathryn Clements, senior brand manager for Tomb Raider at Eidos. ““The Wii Remote & Nunchuck controllers allow Wii gamers to control Lara in brand new, unique ways, and there are plenty of new features, to be revealed soon, which will ensure Anniversary really hits the spot – literally.”

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary will be released for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, PC Games for Windows and PSP (PlayStation Portable) system in North America beginning June 6, 2007. An announcement on the release date for Tomb Raider: Anniversary on Wii to follow.

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