Mother’s Day Video Games

I hope everyone is celebrating Mother’s Day in one way or another! It’s important to give your mom presents that she will love. Of course it’s also important that these presents retain some value to you as well. After all those are the best kind of presents. We’ve got three video games that your mom and maybe even you will enjoy together.

Tetris Evolution (Xbox 360):
Tetris is back in Tetris Evolution! Stack blocks onto blocks filling in any gaps and you win! Well the game is never ending so technically you’ll never win… That’s partially why this series is so addicting. It never ends! With HD graphics, online play, 4 player split-screen multiplayer and a price tag of $29.99 it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Tetris Evolution

Lumines (PSP, Xbox 360):
Lumines is another block game that puts gameplay and music together. It’s crazy backgrounds will hypnotize you as you try to match the color of your squares together. The controls are very simple so hopefully your mom won’t be confused by all the buttons on the controller. Lumines is priced around $19.99.


Cake Mania (PC):
Cake Mania is a resturant ownership game where you have to bake cakes to fit your costumers desires. If your mom has already mastered fast-paced cooking games like Cooking Mama, Cake Mania is the perfect step up in difficulty. With almost 50 levels Cake Mania is a great value at $19.99.

Cake Mania

If you know of any other video games that mothers would enjoy, feel free to tell us about them by writing a comment.

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