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The Simpsons

As if the world hasn’t had enough movie licensed games, here we go with The Simpsons movie! Hopefully this game will bring back the great gameplay that the original arcade game had back in the day.The Simpsons Game features a hilarious, sprawling, and mind-busting storyline crafted by the TV show’s Emmy Award-winning writers. The action-comedy will also feature the full cast of voice actors from the TV show who will reprise their roles for the game.

In The Simpsons Game, Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa use exciting, all-new powers to save the world from rising chaos. To help the Simpsons, gamers at home must journey through all of Springfield (as well as vast worlds beyond!), vanquish an amazing array of villains, and fight their way through parodies of multiple popular games.

“Our goal in developing The Simpsons Game is to create the most original game ever, which is a lofty goal and only possible given the close collaboration with The Simpsons creative team,” said Scot Amos, Executive Producer of the project. “We’re also especially proud of the game’s warm visual feel, which captures for the first time ever in a game the look of the TV show.” Added Amos, “As Comic Book Guy says, Best. Simpsons Game. Ever!”

“The EA group was so enormously talented and beyond belief energetic that I am thinking of suing for second hand exhaustion,” said James L. Brooks, Executive Producer of The Simpsons.

Under development by EA’s Redwood Shores Studio, The Simpsons Game is scheduled for release in Fall 2007 for the PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

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