Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond

I’ve never watched the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond and liked it all that much. Maybe it was due to my age and my inability to connect to the characters. I watched three episodes back to back today on TBS or some similar station and I was laughing at practically every joke. Maybe it was because I was eating Cherry ice cream… or maybe it was because I can now appreciate what old people see in that show. I guess that means that I am now old too. 🙁

Hey at least it beats Saved By the Bell! I can’t stand watching that show at 8am… even though I still do… I never really liked Saved By the Bell and now that I’m out of high school, I have even more reason to hate it. The stories aren’t at all based on real life events in high school. When did you ever steal your principle’s car? Each episode is so out of the ordinary and I find it hard to connect to these characters. Oh God please save me from Saved By the Bell College Years…

Saved By the Bell

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