Yes, Video Games Are to Blame

Lawyers are already going on TV news stating that the Virginia Tech shooter played video games and their impact was a cause for the shootings. After years of denying statements like these, I finally agree with them. Video games probably did help train the Virginia Tech shooter. They probably taught this shooter to be fearless in the heat of battle. They taught him that headshots earn him the ultimate score.

We should also blame his stressful life. His parents that didn’t nurture him. The school system that said he was average. His girlfriend who wouldn’t have sex with him.

With no way else to express himself he gave up on life and wanted to go out with a bang. The culture of gangsters drew him in and sucked him dry.

The question that I have is why should the media even try to draw its own conclusions to why the killer murdered members of his student body? Being able to cope with society is what allows humans to survive. Occasionally there are those whom do not gain this skill for whatever reason. To say that a $10 billion industry is to blame, when violence has been a form of human action since the dawn of mankind is a little ridiculous.

It’s during our life that we grow intellectually and spiritually in which we learn how to best interpret the things around us. To even try and begin to ask why a killer does what he does is pointless.

Death will happen whether it’s murder or a heart-attack. The solution is to ask, in what ways can we protect ourselves? Banning video games or even the sale of guns won’t fix the problem. How about something less drastic like a PA system installed in all schools and offices. As history has taught us, banning products destroys society.

Don’t be angered by the upcoming debates on whether or not video games were the cause – they were. What everyone should do is ask how can we limit the number of casualties in future incidents?

Video games will never be banned. Guns will never be banned. There is no way to stop people from becoming so bottled up inside that they simply pop. If we could accept these things the solution to the topic will arise.

Virginia Tech Shooting

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4 thoughts on “Yes, Video Games Are to Blame”

  1. But clearly they aren’t; you and many others don’t seem to understand the difference between causation and correlation.
    Yes shootings/violence and video games can be connected, but have you ever thought that maybe violent people are prone to playing violent video games?

    And on the other side, I don’t recall Andrew Kehoe or Charles Whitman playing video games…

    Now what I can agree with you on is that I’m sure definitely made his killing more effective – that part is obvious.

  2. People that are violent and even those that aren’t love video games because they get to express themselves in ways that they would be forbidden to in real life. Video games do help to sanitize violence. It’s to the player to remember that it’s immoral to do these violent actions in real life. Some people lose sight of that.

    We all choose our actions. Ultimately nothing material or environmental makes us do anything that we choose to. It’s all about how we internalize the messages around us and resemble them in real life.

  3. look am 15 and i been playing violent video games since i was 10 and you dont see me tyring to kill people because i seen it in a game. i have played silent hill 1-3, reident evil 1-4, god of war 2, true crime streets of LA and sooo much more and you dont see me shooting and satbing people now do u?

  4. Look I’m 19 and I’ve been playing video games since I was 4. You have to realize that the media does have an impact on everything we do in our daily lives. It’s our ability to discern what we should and should not do that prevents us from reenacting the violence that we see in it. Some people lack that moral judgment and shit ensues.

    Thanks for commenting! 😎

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