Turok? Are you fo real!?

Remember that Dinosaur hunting game Turok? Well so do I! And remember all of those really bad sequels that came out after? Me, too! Do I want to remember those? Probably not. The fact of the matter is that there is going to be another Turok. But wait, there’s a catch. It looks like this one may not suck that much, or even suck at all. In the new OXM magazine there is an article about the new Turok and it actually seems to be looking pretty good. Some of the cool additions are being able to lure the dinosaurs to where enemies are and watch them devour the evil bad people and stealth kills which switch the camera to a 3rd person point of view so that you can watch the carnage. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to watch themselves stab a velociraptor in the throat? Anyways, hopefully this game will bring back the franchise and encourage others to bring back franchises that died long ago.

One thought on “Turok? Are you fo real!?”

  1. I saw the trailer at E3 and from still concept artworks moving around it looked good. I remember when they tried to bring this game onto the previous generation and it bombed… Hopefully Disney knows what it’s doing with Turok. It was definitely the series that had such potential when the first game came out.

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