Guitar Hero 2-360 edition

Tomorrow(and today at some select Circuit Cities) Guitar Hero 2 for the 360 comes out. 10 extra songs, a new Gibson guitar, downloadable content and HD quality gaming. That’s all great, right? No? What do you say it could use? Online gameplay? Okay yeah, it could use that, but for now we get a kick ass commercial.

I was watching The Riches and a commercial came on. All the sudden I saw a cartoony commercial pop up. A meteor was head towards earth and a guy standing on top of a van holding an Explorer started rocking out. A girl holding another guitar pops up out of now where and rocks out more. They’re rocking out, electricity coming out of their guitars, attacking the Meteor. It crumbles, and the guy grabs the meteor, they continue rocking using the meteor as a pick as Mother starts blaring. The commercial mixes Jamie Hewlett’s art style, and a music video reminiscent of Tencious D.

Hopefully David’ll have the video up in the media player under Video Game Commercials in the Pipeline. I suggest you watch it.

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