This Week on: Heroes – Parasite

Wow. Just… wow. Terrific episode tonight. Finally, we’ve returned to stories covering all the characters, not just a select group of them. When was the last time we even saw some of these people? But finding out that we wouldn’t have a new episode for another month and a half? No dice.

What happened again? Let’s see: Nathan goes to visit Linderman, Hiro goes to visit Linderman, Jessica is working for Linderman, Mohinder and Sylar are working on “the List”, Clare is on the run, and Nathan and Issac have to deal with the death of Simone. Well, that was the standings at the beginning of the episode. In the end? Oh, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

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  1. I thought that this particular episode was pretty good, however I did not see the episode previous to that so it might have been better if I wasn’t trying to pick up on the story the entire episode.

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