Monster House (+)

Three teens discover that their neighbor’s house is really a living monster house.

When one thinks of the genre of animated movies the words ‘kid friendly’ probably pop-up. Apparently these words didn’t pop-up in Sony’s mind. At first Monster House appears to be a movie that could have easily been made with real actors rather than CGI. Then when the story starts to flesh out you realize that this movie isn’t really aimed towards children. Finally the movie becomes what could be a really cool video game.

Now saying all of that doesn’t mean that the movie is bad in anyway. In fact it was pleasantly enjoyable. Nothing about the movie screamed PIXAR perfection, but the story and characters proved to be intriguing.

The story follows a group of kids who spy on their crazy neighbor. When the neighbor has a heart-attack his house comes to life and eats anything that comes onto its yard. And such the adventure of destroying this monster house begins. The already kooky story is brought to life by its vivid characters.

I do have to question why the film was made in CGI. The majority of the film wouldn’t have been impossible to do with real-live actors. The style of the CGI was a little difficult to get used to because while the characters looked relatively realistic yet they were still cartoony. I do commend the cinematography in this film because some of the scenes were outstandingly shot.

Who would think that a house that eats people could be so entertaining? When the kids go to attack the house the visuals are fantastic. The movie becomes more like a video game. There was so much creativity that went into these scenes. Sometimes in movies the story begins to lag when the action occurs, but in Monster House the mystery behind the house becomes solved through these action sequences.

Overall Monster House is a surprisingly delightful movie, which for whatever reason is slightly twisted at some points. So just be forewarned if you have little kids watching it.

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