Disney’s Chicken Little: Ace In Action (+)

A video game based on a movie that’s based on a video game. Oh boy do we want some chicken.

For being out less than a couple of months, the Wii has gained a great variety of genres. Anti-Nintendo fanboys have always bashed Nintendo consoles for having too many kiddie oriented games. While Chicken Little: Ace In Action may appear to be a kiddie game on the outside, it contains enough comedy and solid gameplay to entertain all ages.

Chicken Little is a prime example of why the Wii can make any sort of game fun even if you’ve played it before. Chicken Little is very similar to Nintendo’s Starfox series. Missions cycle through different gameplay modes such as foot soldier, tank, and a spaceship. Playing rehashes isn’t necessarily a fun process, but because Chicken Little: Ace In Action is the first game to utilize the Wii-mote in these gameplay modes and the fact the game plays very solidly this game shines. This game makes good use of the capabilities that the Wii-mote offers. Destroying your target by pointing your Wii-mote is made very simple by an automatic lock-on feature. Another standout feature is being able to move your space ship up and down by moving the Nunchuck device up and down.

The graphics of Chicken Little: Ace In Action are on par with other Wii games. It’s simplistic graphics don’t really make this game entertaining to look at, but they are suitable to gameplay.

The other aspect that makes this game worthwhile is the comedic dialogue that the characters say. Adam West, Zach Braff, and Joan Cusack are some of the voice actors in this game. For being a kiddie video game, it really has a smart script that both children and adults can find enjoyment in.

The game is loosely based off of the Chicken Little movie. This is great for those unfamiliar with the movie. The story is a lot of fun because it’s about Chicken Little and his friends playing a Wii game that features Chicken Little’s super hero alter ego Ace as well as the alter egos of his friends. So obviously this makes for a lot of funny commentary when Chicken Little and his friends comment on the gameplay and then Ace and his team are talking back and forth about their own actions.

I cannot whole heartedly recommend Chicken Little: Ace In Action because of the minor flaws that it has. If the game had only been fine tuned a little bit more it would have been an overall fun experience rather than frustrating game. All it takes is one nearly impossible level to ruin what would otherwise be an enjoyable time. For $39.99 Chicken Little: Ace In Action isn’t that bad of a purchase, if you’re looking for an experience that will tide you over till the new Starfox game. If there is one thing that I can say about Chicken Little: Ace In Action it’s that this game is going to be the example for future third person shooters and that’s a good thing.

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  1. This game is quite a bit better than one would think it is. Kiddie story aside, the controls are solid, and the gameplay is pretty fun. Sure, the graphics are a little rough at times, but I think this game is actually worth trying out, just to see how surprised you’re going to be that you’re going to enjoy a Disney game, and a Chicken Little one at that.

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