The Most Unluckiest Day I’ve Ever Had

It all began last night. I had a CTVA 100 test along with a writing assignment due the next day. I finished the writing assignment and had plenty of time to study. When I was walking to my first class, I had the gut feeling that I left my folder with my essay in the dorms, but I shrugged it off and didn’t check my bag.

My first class was basically canceled so I went over to meet Julian. We had lunch, worked on, and what not. I remembered to ask him about getting a scantron from him for my CTVA 100 test. I then went to my 2nd period, which is English. It is there that I realize I don’t actually have the folder with my essay, I also forgot my English notebook. Thankfully my teacher let me off the hook and let me turn it in after class in her office. Of course we have an in class essay and I’m completely losing my mind because I keep wondering how am I going to get to the dorms and back before the office closes at 5pm?

The issue is that I have CTVA right after English at 2pm, the class goes to 4:45pm. I called up my roommate who thankfully was still in the dorms, we have the same CTVA class. I asked him to bring the essay so that I could run to the office and run to CTVA class. Of course something goes wrong. He brings only the essay! I need the entire folder that the essay was in as it contains other related papers needed for the project. So yet again I flip out because now I have to take a Mid-Term in CTVA and somehow get back to my dorms and then back onto campus.

The CTVA test was about 40 questions, multiple choice, but it sure wasn’t easy. I definitely knew some of the answers but there were a couple that were tricky. I finished the test around 3:30pm so I had plenty of time to get back to the dorms and back to campus! Finally my dilemma seemed to be coming to a conclusion…yet right. So as I walked to class, the sun was blaring so I go to open up my book bag and bam! Where is my hat?! I traveled all around campus, but I actually was able to remember exactly where I must have lost it. It was in English class!

While I was writing my essay my English teacher tripped on my book bag so I pushed it under my chair. The zipper where my hat was located was open and I knew that my bag fell over when I pushed it under my chair. It must have fallen out right then and there! So now my object is to run to the dorms, get my folder, run to my English teacher’s office, run back to my English classroom and hope that my hat is still there.

When I finally get in sight of my dorm building, a car comes by. I step off to the side of the street and let it pass. When I see the car in my peripheral vision I get ready to walk into the street again… but I get a sudden urge to turn my head. Out of no where a biker comes into the space where I was about to step. My Spidey-sense was tingling and boy was I happy that it worked! The biker didn’t notice anything and life went on. I on the other hand was freaked out, but as time was of the essence, I had to keep going.

I make it to my room and everything is where it should be. I grab my folder and the keys to my car so I can save time instead of walking back to campus again, plus my legs were really tired from walking so fast to my dorm. Now what’s really funny is that this is when I finally begin to think about all the events that have happened to me today and then I think about driving in my car… With my string of luck should I really be entering a vehicle? My legs said, who cares and so I went in.

Everything was finally going smoothly. I was able to park fine and went to the English office to drop my folder off. When I get to my teacher’s office, the door is locked. I try and figure out what I am supposed to do now: should I slip it under her door? Someone who appeared to be a teacher walked by and I asked her what I should do and she helped me out. Apparently there’s a whole room for idiots like me to turn in their assignments and be time stamped for it! So I do all of that and then I head off to my English classroom to see if my hat is still there.

Of course who knows how many classes had gone in that room between the time that English class ended (1:45pm) and I got to class again (4 pm~). I asked the teacher that was in my English classroom if she had seen anything and she said no. I leave in yet another depressed mood, not only because I lost this hat, but the fact that this is the 2nd hat that I have lost since school started (I won’t even mention that I lost my meal card this semester and had to get it replaced)!

I drive back to the dorm… oh shit where is my car?! As I rushed over to the office, I didn’t realize what part of the parking lot I had parked in. I knew the general area, but I had to do some searching before I finally bumped into it. I saw that the entrance to the parking lot was right behind me so as the parking lot was one way zones I looped around, of course the turn that I took didn’t lead me to an area that allowed me to exit the parking lot. After a second try, I do make it out alive.

As I kept on driving I realized that I was driving in a part of the campus that I’ve never driven on before. I didn’t know where the exit was that would allow me to get into the dorm parking garage so I kept on following the road. It led me to a drop off/pickup zone for a high school that is on campus, of course the high school got out of class and I got stuck in traffic, with a ton of cars just sitting and waiting for their kids to finally show up.

After that ordeal is done, I apparently could not make a left turn, which is where I need to go, so I have to make a right and then turn into the neighboring housing area. I thought that I could make a simple turn around and head back onto the street that I needed to go onto, but as I was driving through the neighborhood, a cop pulled up to someone and started asking them questions, “Do you live here?” When I heard that question, I knew I definitely did not want to turn around anywhere near this house. So I kept on driving.

Eventually I made it back to the parking garage. I realized that an area of the parking garage doesn’t receive as much sunlight as the area that I usually park in, so I thought I could do my car a favor, but instead I might have actually hurt it. As I pulled into the spot apparently there was some broken glass scattered about the parking spot. So now if I come back tomorrow and see that my tires are flat, at least I know why…

So that was my trauma for the day. Maybe I deserved it, maybe I didn’t, or maybe it was some sort of test. But jeez I’ve never had such a bad day in my life.

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