Don’t be a spammer

You know there’s nothing worse about the internet than spam. It’s the devil in discise.

For game developers it’s actually very easy to spam others, especially when you are in the launch phase. You want websites and distributors to talk about your game as well as sell it. But guess what, if they don’t reply within the first two weeks – they probably don’t care about your title. It is resonable to send them the same PR one more time, but it is better to ask them if they received the original email that you sent.

It’s important to setup a dialogue between you and the person on the other end of the website! Research into the website and don’t bother them if you have a game that doesn’t fit their audience.

Websites receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of emails a day from people just like you. They want their game on that site. Well that’s a shit load of emails to go through! Make it easier on the website and don’t bother them if you don’t need to!

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