So what’s next?

I think that was the slogan for GDC 06… and now it’s the title of this entry.

Main thing is that I’m working on something pretty big that is really the only logical step for me to take if I want to grow. Of course what I’m I going to do about college? I’m starting up on August 29th so I don’t know if that will hinder anything, most likely it will.

Bottom line is that I won’t have a lot of time for this blog so I doubt I’ll be writing daily entries but I will still try my best to write something weekly. Maybe that will improve the quality.

As always connecting this situation to game development, as a high school student you really have a hard decision to make. Go to college, go to a game college, or make games full-time. I too went through this and damn it was difficult. With my skills making games full-time at wasn’t such a smart idea. It would be much better if I networked in college and planned my life out more.

So the next question I dealt with was, well game college or regular college? Places like Full Sail and Westwood intrigued me by their fast earning 2 year degree programs but I soon realized, why would I want to limit my high school social life to a bunch of nerds? It’s highly unlikely that there would be many if any hot girls at a game college. This factored in with my curriculum only being about video games bored me. Why spend 2 years only learning about video games? There’s so much else to learn about in the world. Do you really think the best game designers studied games?

So that’s how I decided. Of course that’s not even getting into the issue of what regular college to choose! If you can get into a regular college that still has game degrees, awesome! Sadly I didn’t. Instead I’m going to be studying my other love, film. The major that I’m aiming for is Electronic Media Management so I’ll still be able to deal with computer stuff.

I am happy with where I’m going though, in theory of course. Maybe when I get there I’ll hate it, who knows. cough cough The Shadow knows…

PS – I find it obnoxious when people do that. It’s a part of my life that has been used and abused, but I hold it against you.

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