How to start up a Forum

You know what, I’ve never known how to really do this. The only way to get people to register is if they have a reason too. I started the Video Game Dev. Forum and for some reason no one from this blog has posted on it.

After there’s a reason to join, you have to advertise the forum. This is tricky because spamming on other forums about your forum will get you into trouble. So you just have to hope that people see your signature and click on the link. This is where I have failed. I have never advertised the Video Game Dev. Forum on its own. I’ve always mentioned the blog thinking that people would click on the Video Game Dev. Forum on the link. So I’m writing this post now to inform everyone about this Forum.

It’s tough to maintain a forum but usually when you and your team post messages on it your user base will eventually register. This is definitely the step that can take the longest time.

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