It’s time to use BlueHost!

I’m dead serious, drop your hold hosting provider and join now! They just upgraded their standard hosting account to 30 gigabytes storage and 750 gigabytes bandwidth!!!

You’d think that a company like this would have problems maintaining all of this but the only downtime that I’ve experienced with them was a couple of weeks ago when there was a major rain storm in Utah. But we were back on within a couple of hours. They always backup the data at least once a month. They have a fast answering technical support line.

Bottom line is that unless you have your own server, you should switch over to All of this for only $6.95 per month! Best of all every 6 months of so they upgrade their accounts for free. So who knows what kind of storage they’ll be offering in the future… I’ve used mutliple hosts in the past and is the best out of them.

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