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PR: With the recently announced changes to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Lunar Tide Communications, Inc., is pleased to offer America’s VideoGame Expo (VGXPO) as an alternative venue where the game industry can communicate directly with their target audience – the consumer. Publishers and developers searching for additional locations to show off their products can look to VGXPO as a perfect opportunity to put the hottest games in the hands of gamers at a reasonable cost.

“VGXPO organizers and its advisory board members lament that the videogame industry has matured past the need for a mega-event such as E3,” said Ed Fleming, Director of the VGXPO. “However, we see this as a transformation-catalyst for the industry – what the industry needs now is something that can be used to showcase products, promote game makers and celebrate the rich history of the industry directly with consumers.”

“We believe that America’s VideoGame Expo offers a new kind of value proposition and is an opportunity to do more with marketing dollars. We looked at other industries for inspiration – the shows with the most impact and longest lasting power are consumer-focused direct marketing events,” stated Fleming. “Be it the International Auto Shows, Comic-Con, TGS, or localized events such as hobby shows or home and garden conventions; these are huge events that have survived for decades and run the gamut of industry players. Direct marketing at events such as these are a proven return-on-investment.”

“As the professional organization that recognizes excellence in games among its members, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences supports the efforts of America’s VideoGame Expo to create a venue that promotes interactive entertainment directly to consumers,” stated Joseph Olin, President, AIAS. “Providing game players an opportunity to see and experience the widest range of games possible benefits all of us who love great games”

“It seems we’ve come full circle… I started making games over 20 years ago, back then the ONLY kind of expo was for gamers. I have very fond memories of being shoulder deep in gamers all eager to be the first to try a new game. The energy and excitement they generate fuels the passion that makes game development so fun,” said David Perry, CEO of

Unlike any other event, VGXPO is a gaming festival that celebrates the positive impact that videogames have on American culture. When a gamer comes to VGXPO he will have the opportunity not just to play & buy the latest games (and the retro classics) but also have the opportunity to meet the people responsible for their creation.

“For NVIDIA consumer-oriented game shows represent an important part of our marketing strategy,” explained Bill Rehbock, Director of World Wide Publisher Relations and Consumer Awareness at NVIDIA. “Consumer events such as VGXPO are a great fit with our strategy, and will become more and more important for the industry as a whole.”

“It’s time for a show that’s about games and the people who play them, and not just a giant party where everyone’s showing off their best pre-rendered video and earning kudos for best booth babes,” offered game industry veteran Bill Kunkel. “It’s time for an event where the smallest developers are considered just as important as the big publishers, and both groups get to show their wares directly to consumers and receive direct feedback from those same consumers. In short, it’s time for a show like VGXPO.”

VGXPO is scheduled to take place from October 27-29, 2006 at the Valley Forge Convention Center, outside of Philadelphia, PA. For tickets or exhibiting options be sure to visit on the web at


Sucessful? For some reason I don’t think so… Maybe it’s because the 2005 exhibitor list is much longer then the 2006 list. The good thing is that it’s cheap. But I don’t think developers are going to ditch E3 for this, not this year at least. Maybe in 2007 if E3 flops.

The good thing is that since it takes place in October any game for the Holiday release will be almost completed so you’ll be playing a solid demo.

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