Want to join the game industry? Get an internship.

‘Nough said.

Don’t bother trying to get a programmer, producer, or even a Q/A job when you have nothing industry related on your resume. Go out and apply for any internship positions at local video game developers. They’re constantly looking for additional help, especially when it’s cheap. Ideally aim for a company that has over 100 employees, at least when they’re located in California, because it is a law that they must pay anyone who works for the company – including interns!

Internships are also a great way to realize what real job you want in the company/industry. If you play your cards right you could end up with a job at the company that you interned at in only a few months. It’s the easiest way to break into the industry because you are not required to really have skills in anything. That’s the point of an internship it’s for you to learn and gain experience. Never ask about salary unless it is brought up during the interview or on the first day of work.

You are worthless to this company until you show them you can actually do work at a fast pace. Even if you don’t want to work on developing games directly there are plenty of other jobs that a game developer needs – HR, financing, IT, etc. At many studios you will be working with some of the brightest minds in any industry. Come to your job with an open mind and a ready to learn attitude and you’ll do great! 

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