PS2 Rock Band Getting the Shaft


Rock Band has not yet been released for the Playstation 2 although recent reports have found out that when it does, it will be a much watered down version of the game.

Obviously, the game is not going to support any online play as well as downloadable content, unlike the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Some things that were a little less expected are the fact that the World Tour mode is going to much different in the sense that it is very linear as well as the fact that you will not be able to customize characters or gain cash and fans.

Personally I feel like these features are the some of the main differences that caused the game to stand apart from Guitar Hero. Without them, I don’t really feel like the game is worth purchasing.

Hopefully Harmonix and MTV will at least be able to release expansion patches for PS2 owners so that they can get new songs because I’ve already played through them all on my 360 version and if I knew that there were no more songs, I would be pretty pissed.

Harmonix, Activision brawl over Guitar Hero PS3 controllers

Guitar Hero III box

In what is a most amusing series of events, Harmonix and Activision are fighting like kindergarten kids over who’s responsible for not releasing a patch for Rock Band.

Harmonix, with some help from MTV, thought that releasing a patch for Rock Band, which would allow Guitar Hero III controller compatibility is a good idea. The idea did, after all, come after thunderous public request. However, it didn’t go down as well as they had expected. Harmonix’s patch was approved by Sony, but not by Activision, who supposedly objected to the patch.

This makes Harmonix and MTV heroes who want a free and liberal gaming area and where everything is good and compatible. Activision is suddenly a dark, evil EA-esque villain who wants the depraved gamers to buy Rock Band controllers. And because we need a fine background for a fight, we have Sony and their PlayStation 3.

Sony promptly replied that this is a matter out of their hands, and one that should be “amicably resolved” by Harmonix, MTV and Activision. Well, at least Sony has nothing to do with the whole fiasco. Then again, it’s the ill-fated, all-cursed PlayStation 3 that serves as a setting for this tale.

Activision struck back yesterday by saying that MTV/Viacom is unwilling to participate in a healthy tussle discussion about the issue. According to their press release, Activision were the good guys all along and Harmonix/MTV have been the ones who were not talking with Activision about their technology.

This fight is almost like the Silicon Knights/Epic brawl, except there’s no legal matters here and the subject is ridiculous. What’s bad is that the gamers are suffering in the long run. They are the ones who haven’t gotten the patch yet, while the big corporations talk about how they love gaming and want gaming to be accessible.

How will Harmonix/MTV respond? Is the PS3 really cursed? Isn’t watching this silly fight fun? Comment and conquer!