Could there be a new Windows Vista in 2009?

Could a new Vista be coming so soon?

According to TG Daily ‘industry insiders’ have confirmed a new version of windows has been ‘shipped’ as code to be validated.

Even though the existing Windows Vista has barely been out, the so-called new version could be out in the second half of 2009, if reports are to be believed.

If you’re thinking “That’s a bit soon isn’t it”, then you’d be right. Microsoft originally planned to release the new version in 2010, but then changed it to the earlier date. We’re not sure why though.

Other points mentioned by TG Daily are the ability of the sofware to handle a ‘heterogeneous graphics system consisting of multiple graphics cards from different vendors’ and a new integrated media center that at the moment only supports PC speakers.

Wannabe early adopters will have to wait to hear when they can ty it out as the Beta date has not yet been decided.

Eager PC heads can find out more here.


Justice League movie stalled!

Justice League, from the Animated Series
Superhero movie fans mourn, because the highly-awaited Justice League movie from Warner Bros. has hit a rock, stumbled and fallen down an inescapable ravine with no Lassie to help. The movie, which was slated for a 2009 release, with production to start Spring has been put on hold. Production will now most likely start in late summer or fall (if at all)!

Why, you ask? The studio wants tax breaks for shooting in Australia, and got no response to their proposal. They also weren’t fully satisfied with the script, and wanted some more help with it, but the current writers’ strike leaves their options to drooling Justice League fanfic writers, which is not a good idea. Plus, the film is in a sorry state with the writer’s strike already, but their SAG deal expires in June, and the movie needs to be completed by then!

As far as the cast goes, most of the cast should still be available for the planned late summer-fall production. The cast itself, for those not in the know, will feature Arnie Hammer as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Adam Brody as The Flash, and (rumors follow) Scott Porter as Superman, Common as Green Lantern and Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul.

The repercussions here are that we are in a shortage of superhero flicks. The Dark Knight, the show-stealer is coming out this very year, while a Superman sequel’s fate is currently unknown. The inevitable Spider-Man 4 will take a while. That leaves us with the new upcoming Hulk movie and the planned Captain America movie. Okay, maybe not even that less, but hell.