Cisco Valet lives up to ‘easy wireless networking’ promise

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Update: Hulu Plus coming to Roku this fall

UPDATE 9/28/10 – Roku and Hulu announced today that the premium Hulu Plus service will become available on the Roku line-up of boxes sometime this fall. That will certainly make the Roku XD reviewed below an even better bargain, although we’re not sure that Hulu Plus as its currently configured makes much sense.  It’s nice to have a full catalog of programs available, but studies have shown that the $9.99/month pay service currently available to PS3 owners features only a few programs not available on the free service. Also, with many of the most popular NBC shows soon to be available on Netflix, it’s questionable whether Hulu Plus will have many takers.  Follow this link for the full story over at PC World.

ORIGINAL POST: ROKU XD Streaming Media Player – The biggest bargain in tech?

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From script to screen: Is Kick-Ass the most faithful comics adaptation ever?

I watched the movie Tuesday and was amazed to find that the film tracked the first three comics I had read almost shot for shot. Jane Goldman and director Matthew Vaughn are given screen credit for the script, but they made precious few changes to the source material and in many instances quoted it verbatim.

In anticipation of watching Kick-Ass earlier this week, I downloaded the first three issues of the comic onto my iPad. Continue reading “From script to screen: Is Kick-Ass the most faithful comics adaptation ever?”

Avatar: Everything Old is New Again

Ok, so when we first viewed the Avatar trailer last summer, like most nerds, we thought: “Hmm, that looks a lot like ‘Dancing with Aliens of Ferngully.'” Continue reading “Avatar: Everything Old is New Again”

litl Webbook Makes Big Impression

litl webbook

2009 is sure to go down in history as the year that computers became interesting again. Ironically, the credit for this doesn’t belong to industry leaders like Microsoft and Apple. Continue reading “litl Webbook Makes Big Impression”

Review: The Big Bang Theory – Season 1

If were a sitcom, it would be The Big Bang Theory, the endearing comedy about hopelessly nerdy physicists who pretty much like everything that we like.

Johnny Galecki’s Leonard is the emotional center of the show. When Penny (Kaley Cuoco), an attractive young woman, moves into the apartment across the hall, Leonard is instantly smitten. His pursuit of the girl of his dreams forms the spine of the first season.

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