Rocky Balboa (+)

The sixth movie in the Rocky series. Do we really need to see an old man fight?

There’s a lot to be said for a movie which no one believed in. After both the critical and financial disappointment that is Rocky V, how could Rocky VI be any better? There’s no other phrase to say except Sylvester Stallone punched this movie till it bled.

Rocky Balboa represents the reason why old people are crazy! No one in their right mind would fight in a boxing match that could potentially end their life.

Rocky Balboa is a great movie because it’s like seeing an old friend that you haven’t seen in over 10 years. You catch up with them and still feel an emotional connection for the person after all these years.

Now it definitely doesn’t hurt that Rocky is in the same slump that he was in during the first film. As with the first film, the environment is a character in itself. Rocky Balboa talks a lot about the situation that today’s society is in, focusing on its materialism. Seeing the new champion fighter in comparison to Rocky is just depressing. The new champion fighter, which Rocky eventually boxes in a Pay Per View match, has everything that money can buy, while Rocky has barely anything.

Much like the previous films, Rocky Balboa places little emphasis on the fight itself and focuses mainly on morals and values. There are many moments in this film when you’re on the verge of tearing up. When all is said and done it’s amazing that this film was done for a mere $24 million.

There’s something about Rocky that will never get old. This was the first Rocky movie that I saw in theaters and it was an amazing experience. This is the type of movie that makes people want to applaud throughout the entire film. The kind of energy that this film brought out was simply amazing.

Somehow Stallone made a great film about the old vs. the young (ok it wasn’t solely about that). Now all I want to see in Rocky VII is Rocky fighting someone when he is 90 years old. That would be interesting…