“Samantha Who?”

Samantha Who? Season One
ABC Studios/ Donald Todd Productions/ Brillstein Entertainment
Starring Christina Applegate, Barry Watson, Jean Smart, Kevin Dunn, and Jennifer Esposito
322 minutes (15 episodes on 2 discs)

The cast of "Samantha Who?"
The cast of

Remember Kelly Bundy from Married…with Children? She was the quintessential clueless-airhead-slut daughter of Al and Peg Bundy for eleven seasons on FOX. Played hilariously by Christina Applegate, Applegate returns to TV again (yes, I know about Jesse, but let’s not talk about that) in Samantha Who? And, I can’t believe I’m going to say this Continue reading ““Samantha Who?””

Stardust (Region 2) DVD Review


 In the fantasy tale Stardust a man crosses a forbidden entrance in a wall that leads him to an alternate world. His objective is to bring back a star to prove his love to a woman (Sienna Miller). There is only one catch…he finds the star is not a rock but Claire Danes. (A little hard to transport!)
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The Nanny Diaries (Region 2) DVD Review


About The Nanny Diaries. In short since its not aimed at a male audience the best way to describe it is to say it’s the most recent book to movie conversion in the chick flick genre. This time it’s Scarlett Johansson in a fish out of water situation as someone who suddenly becomes a nanny for the really upper class with no experience.
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Doc Martin – Season 3 DVD Review (Region 2)


Shown on ITV in the UK Doc Martin is the story of a city doctor who is moved to a rural seaside town. There really is no need to watch the previous seasons and you can jump right into the third season without needing to worry about continuing storylines. What you in short have is a comedy drama starring Martin Clunes of Men Behaving Badly fame playing the serious Dr. Martin. The only doctor around who has a blood phobia. 
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The Hoax (Region 2) DVD Review



Marking a serious return to form The Hoax has Richard Gere playing Clifford Irving in this true story about a writer who faked an authorised autobiography on Howard Hughes the airplane billionaire.

The movie is a seriously funny comedy but not in a slapstick way. Its situational comedy as its incredible what lengths he and his writing partner Dick Suskind (Alfred Molina) go to for handwriting samples and other ways to fake conversations to bluff the publishers. It is a movie that does feel like time well spent when watching and is worth a purchase.

As far as DVD extras are concerned there is only a trailer that on such a great movie is a horrible disappointment.

Verdict: +