GE Says Robots Take Over The WORLD

It’s funny because GE included all of these pop-culture robots in this commercial – however they excluded the T-800. I mean I guess we really would have felt threatened by this commercial even more so than we already are. It’s a fun walk down memory lane, but seriously GE it looks like you’re turning into the next Cyberdyne Systems. Continue reading “GE Says Robots Take Over The WORLD”

Old Navy’s Christmas Vacation

The Griswolds are back starring in another TV commercial.

Sadly the video is only 32 seconds long. One would think there would be an extended cut much like the Super Bowl Vacation commercial, however I have yet to spot it online if one does actually exist.

As we continue to wait on a final word about whether or not a new Vacation film will ever be greenlight, I guess we’ll just have to keep watching The Griswolds in commercial format.