Ender’s Game gets a video game: about damn time


I’m sure the second thing you thought after finishing one of the most entertaining sci-fi books of all time- after “there’s no way a kid could do all that.” – was “damn, a game based on the battle room or space battle simulator would be awesome!”  Your wish, my fictional reader, is about to come true, as WRAL reports:

Chair Entertainment Group will utilize Cary-based Epic Games’ Unreal engine to develop the first videogame based on science fiction author Orson Scott Card’s international best-seller “Ender’s Game.”

Sure, Chair’s track record may not be incredibly impressive- the reasonably good (in my opinion) Advent Rising, and recent XBLA freebie Undertow being their primary claims to fame- but how could you go wrong with the Battle Room?  Penny Arcade may be pessimistic, but I still have hope for the game I dreamed about back when I was 13.  And the first releases are expected to be downloadable titles, so cross your fingers for a budget price across all consoles.

Hellboy 2 Trailer Online Today (Thurs)


 In a shock announcement from Universal Pictures the trailer for the sequel movie will be online later today Thurs 20th at noon PST/3pm EST.  That’s about 8pm for the UK & Ireland.

Hellboy 2 is the sequel to the comicbook movie that received mixed reviews when it was released back in 2004. The cast list for Hellboy 2 includes Ron Perlman as Hellboy plus Selma Blair, Luke Goss, Doug Jones, John Hurt and Thomas Kretschmann. Its said to be expected in US cinemas on July 11th 2008.

Rock Band On Tour


Although it started last Thursday, a Rock Band tour has begun and it is coming to cities all over the country. With this tour comes a huge stage, a chance to play about 7 of the songs from the game, and a chance to participate in the Rock Off Audition with the winners being able to participate in a Battle of the Bands live on MTV.

Defininitely go check this out as it is free and obviously awesome. Also, it’s coming to pretty much every region of the country in the next two months. You can find the dates and places here.

Call of Duty 4 Demo

Call of Duty 4 Demo 

Call of Duty 4 is something of an odd game. While it has the gloss a modern game the mechanics are the same as they were in the very first title. As the demo goes it can be narrowed down to a few very simple conclusions.

 The main issue is an infinite amount of enemy spawns. A constant line of more and more keep on coming until you decide to push through and that’s when suddenly you have taken them all out. Its a serious flaw and ruins the enjoyment. The other matter is the demo length. It does allow you about 10-15 minutes of play but unless you have a good amount of bandwidth its not really worth downloading the large file and there is very little replay value.

 Is the demo worth trying? In short, yes. If you are looking for a first person shooter giving the usual WWII shooter style but against a modern backdrop its for you. If on the other side you are after something new its not what you are looking for.

Remember, this should not be considered a review of the full game just an opinion on the PC demo.

Microsoft Actually Uses Silverlight

A couple months ago Microsoft announced Silverlight, some random product to compete with Adobe Flash. Now we’re finally beginning to see Microsoft integrate Silverlight in its websites! The first one that I’ve noticed Silverlight in is for the Halo 3 shorts. To be honest there isn’t anything wrong about this website other than it requires you to use Silverlight. The interface is nice and the video loads instantaneously.

Halo Silverlight