The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (+)

Hyrule’s not in danger, and you don’t have to save it. Just kidding. Grab your sword: the hero’s back.

Link’s back for his first (sorta) next-gen adventure. Let’s admit it: it’s graphically a Gamecube game. It’s a good looking one, but visually a Gamecube game nonetheless. It was too far in development by the time it was announced for the Wii, but trust me, you’ll get over it. It’s a beautiful game on either console. Maybe it’s not quite pushing the Wii’s graphics, but still quite gorgeous. The game engine is a retooled version of Wind Waker’s cell shaded environments. After the hubbub around the cell shading, Nintendo opted to do a traditional 3D look. But they made the conversion beautifully.

Control wise, the game hasn’t changed much from Wind Waker or any 3D Zelda game, going on back to Ocarina of Time. Pick up the controller, and it’ll come flooding back to you. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Any controls that have been changed for the Wii’s unique controller come to you quite naturally. Shake the controller, swing the sword. Shake and hold forward on the control stick, stab the enemy. Shake the Nunchuk, spinning sword. Throw in Z-targetting, and you’ve got combat down. Slain enemies litter the ground soon enough.
NOTE: A flick of the wrist is good enough for swordfighting. You do not have to wield the controller as if it were actually a weapon. Of course, you’re always welcome to swing like a maniac if you want.

The story is, well, Zelda-esque. Your world is being taken over by the Twilight, and of course, as the re-incaration of the Hero that has been saving Hyrule since the dawn of time, it’s up to you to stop it. This time though, you’re an adult at the beginning of the story, and you even already have your trusty steed Epona at your side. Why? Because you’re a shepherd. Ah, fates, how lucky you’ve made us. S’all right though. You’ll be a badass soon.

The Zelda series has grown through time, adapting itself to each generation of Nintendo console, and turning out beautifully each time. Even though this game was programmed for the Nintendo Gamecube, it’s just as wonderful to play for the Wii, and I can only wait in anticipation for a true Wii Legend of Zelda game to be released.

Wii Sports (+)

A compilation of various sports games, which help introduce players to the Wii Remote.

If you can imagine a game that is a mix of tech demos that play well and are fun, you’re imagining Wii Sports. Wii Sports allows players to become adjusted to the brand new Wii control scheme. While sports games are usually difficult to play, Wii Sports is a simplified version of multiple sports games such as baseball, tennis, and boxing.

It’s due to their simplified gameplay that makes them for the perfect party game. Players can either by aggressive or can play casually. For the first time in video game history gamers can play the same game exactly how they want to play it. Stand up or sit down this game is something that you’ll get into even if you’re not a huge sports fan.

There are no major leagues in here. All of the characters in game are the same that can be found in your Mii creations. Each player can make their own team members and play as them in game. Imagine creating characters that look like you and your friend and then play a boxing match together. For the first time you can fight your friend without actually hurting them.

The Wii Remote sound effects help bring the player into the game world. Hearing the sound of a ball hitting a bat or a tennis racket is very satisfying. The game doesn’t use any music in game, which practically works in favor of the game. If you are playing with friends being able to taunt them without having to scream over an additional noise layer, the in-game music, is very nice.

All of the games except for boxing allow players to use only the Wii Remote. For new comers to the system this definitely helps them ease into the new control scheme. Within no time, players will be having a blast as they make a knockout or a homerun.

In total Wii Sports has 5 different sports: tennis, baseball, golf, boxing, and bowling. It’s a wide variety for a free game that is included with the Wii system. This game is practically the reason to buy a Wii console. It delivers on everything that Nintendo has told gamers to expect from the Wii console. This is the first game in a long time that has actually made me sweat and yet I still want more!