Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Ready for the best Call Of Duty game? The series has seen tons of action and explosions, but being set during the Cold War makes the Black Ops Cold War single player stand out. You’ll bounce around through time, go to war, sneak around urban cities, and so much more. I played Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on my 4K OLED TV with surround sound and let me tell you the graphics are insane. The lighting is amazingly well crafted. I absolutely loved playing Zombies in surround sound as you’ll hear the zombies from all directions. It’s terrifying.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the kind of game that you’ll want to witness running on the Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 just to see the graphics pop off the screen even more so.

This month marks the arrival of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. You’ll be happy to know that if you buy the Xbox One or Playstation 4 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War you’ll be able to play them on the newer consoles as well. If you buy a disc based version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War make sure you have a disc based next-gen console.

Once you’ve played Black Ops Cold War you’ll be in luck when you play Call of Duty Warzone. Your progression in both games as well as Modern Warfare will be synchronized. Starting December 10 Black Ops Cold War weapons will become available in Warzone.

Black Ops Cold War adds tons of new features for multiplayer. A new mode called Fireteam supports up to 40 players who team up to fight and complete objectives. Multiplayer also supports cross-platform and cross-generation play. So you’ll be able to play with your friends no matter what system they use.

Any fan of Call of Duty will love Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Tyler Perry’s Madea on the Run: The Play – Blu-ray Review

Hilarious. Powerful. Fun. These, and many more adjectives, describe the events that transpire over the course of Tyler Perry’s latest Madea outing, Madea on the Run: The Play. I really, really enjoyed this production. It is laugh-out-loud funny, has some amazing singing performances, and is a real treat from start to finish. Perry once again delivers a solid narrative with both a message and his own unique comedic tone with Madea at the center of familial chaos.

On the run from the law, Madea ducks into the home of her best friend and neighbor Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) who lives with her daughter, son-in-law, and grand-daughter. It’s a home filled with tension and an undercurrent of discord that elevates to the nth degree as secrets are revealed, truths are exposed, and lives are ripped apart.

And while all that’s going on, Madea delivers her patented advice, wisdom, and plenty of physical comedy. Throw in her fourth-wall-breaking antics (it is a play with an audience, after all), and you’ve got a solid mix of entertainment that’s as engaging as it is funny!

Needless to say, I really enjoyed Madea on the Run. It made me want to check out all the other Madea-based plays that Tyler Perry has written over the years along with the seven Madea movies that have been produced.

Tyler Perry’s Madea on the Run: The Play is available January 31, 2017 on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digitial Download.

What’s your favorite Tyler Perry creation? Leave a comment and let us know!