The Transformers: Season One – DVD Review


A chilling and poignant commentary on the sociopolitical landscape of the time, Transformers presented issues and themes that still resonate with audiences today.

As is clear from the outset due to the time period, Optimus Prime is representative of then President Ronald Reagan. The remaining Autobots represent the American people. Since the Cold War was still in play, it only stands to reason that Megatron and the Decepticons clearly portray Russia, Cuba, and other nations embroiled in the Cold War with the United States.

What results is an insightful and powerful look at the inner workings of politics during this heightened time of awareness throughout the world.

And you thought it was just a cartoon!

This awesome set includes all 16 first season episodes, a cool magnet, and a collectible booklet. Along with these generous offerings, the following bonus features are also included:

Triple Changer

A look at the process taken to adapt Transformers from a toy, then a comic book, then a TV series, and the feature films. Includes interviews with the creators of the original Transformers as well as other experts in the field of Transformerology.

A printable script of the episode “Transport to Oblivion”

If you wanna write animation, I recommend you download this, print it out, and study it.

Archival HASBRO Toy Commercials

Awesome 80s toy commercials you won’t find anywhere else…except maybe YouTube. I always wondered what the parents of the kids in these commercials did for a living. They had the coolest locations to play with their toys in!

Rare PSA

Could this be the rare PSA where Optimus Prime tells Megatron to “tear down that wall”? Watch to find out.

A definite must own for the Transformers fan or those who are fascinated by the history of politics in America, The Transformers: Season One is classic 80s animation.

Transform and Roll Out!

Here’s a link to our review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, now in theatres.

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