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Well, holy crap! After the stunning finale to last week’s Lost ep, “He’s Our You,” questions and theories have been flying through my head. In case you missed it, Sayid, who was being held prisoner in 1970s Dharma-land, escaped his captivity with the aide of Young Ben. As they ran through the forest and Sayid knocked-out Jin (who is currently a Dharma security guard), Sayid grabbed Jin’s gun and shot Young Ben through the heart!

Is this why Ben (Michael Emerson) was lying on the mattress in the abandoned Dharma station where Locke told one of the surviving passengers of the Ajira Air crash that Ben was the one who killed him? (Whew! Long sentence!) Does this mean adult Ben is now dead? How does his “death” alter the events on the Island from the 1970s onward? Or does it alter anything at all?

And that’s where we’re at as we go into tonight’s episode: “Whatever Happened, Happened.” Let’s get to it!

Jin comes to in the forest. Jin tells Phil over the radio that Sayid has headed north. Jin checks on Young Ben. He’s alive!

Back in Dharma-land, the Dharma folks regroup. Jack questions how the hostile started the ambush. Horace replies that someone on the inside helped him out. Kate helps Roger Linus (Ben’s dad) pulls the formerly flaming van out of one of the barracks. Jin returns with Young Ben, Roger freaks.

Kate arrives at Cassidy’s (the woman Sawyer fell in love with and then conned in a previous episode) home with baby Aaron in tow. Cassidy remembers her (Kate stepped in when Cassidy was in trouble while selling fake jewelry at a gas station), asks her why she’s there. Kate replies that Sawyer sent her.

Is this what Sawyer asked her to do before he jumped from the helicopter?

Kate tells Cassidy why Sawyer didn’t come back. Kate replies that he jumped from the copter to save the rest. Cassidy calls Sawyer a coward. Says that he probably jumped to get away from her. Cassidy asks if Aaron is Sawyer’s. When Kate replies that she was pregnant when she met Sawyer. Cassidy calls out Kate, says she knows she’s lying.

Back in 70s, Kate confront Sawyer about what’s going on. She tells him the kid what was shot was Ben. Horace and the Dharma peeps come and get Sawyer. They inspect the cell, someone had keys. They go to speak to the three security guards.

Sawyer runs into Roger, asks about his keys. Roger can’t find them! On the operating table, Juliette tells Sawyer that she can’t save Ben; the bullet is lodged in his spine. She needs a spinal surgeon.

Over in Sawyer’s house, Miles holds Jack, Kate and Hurley under house arrest. Sawyer rushes in, says he needs Jack to operate on Ben, to save his life (tragic irony, or poetic justice?). Jack refuses. Sawyer says that if Jack doesn’t help, the kid will die. Jack responds: “Then he’ll die.”

Kate confronts Jack, asks him what he’s doing. He can’t let Ben die. Jack replies that he can’t change what already happened. Jack reminds her about what happened when they were held captive before. Jack says that before he tried to fix things, now he really doesn’t care. Whatever happens, happens. Maybe the island is trying to fix things.

In Young Ben’s hospital room. Kate shows up to donate blood. Juliette and Kate talk. Kate tells Juliette that she and Jack were engaged while they were off the Island. Roger shows up to check on his son. Sits with Young Ben and Kate. Roger tells her that Ben stole his keys to bust the hostile out of jail. Roger laments his ineffectiveness as a father. Says he guesses a boy just needs his mother. Suddenly, Ben goes into shock.

Hurley and Miles talk about how everything that has already happened has already happened. Miles explains that once Ben turned the wheel and moved the Island, time stopped moving in a straight line. So this isn’t the past to them it’s the present. They’ve already done everything before these moments, which is why they don’t remember doing these things in the past when they were on the Island in the present, which may or may not have been their future. The Ben that is there with them in Dharma-land is in his present, which means if he dies it will affect his future. (Got that? Can someone explain it me??)

Juliette asks Roger to go to the medical station and get supplies. Roger thanks her, takes off. Juliette tells Kate that Ben’s stable, but she can’t do anymore. Juliette has an idea: maybe there’s something they can do. Kate asks who. Juliette replies, the Others.

Juliette and Kate move Ben from the OR and into a van. Kate says she’ll take Ben to the Others. She doesn’t want Juliette to ruin her life there.

Back at the harbor. Kate, Jack, Sayid, and Ben. Kate, pissed as to why she’s been asked to come there, refuses to go, takes off. She and Aaron head to a store. While there, she gets a phone call from Jack. Doesn’t answer. Aaron disappears. Frantic, Kate searches for him. She sees Aaron with a mysterious (suspicious) blonde woman. Gets him back.

Back in the 70s, Kate drives the van to the edge of the Dharma/Hostile barrier. As she comforts Ben, Sawyer drives up. Says he’s there to help her.

Is it possible that Ben remembers Juliette from the past and that’s why he falls in love with her later on? Is this series of events the reason why he sought her out to come to the Island? Was the whole “pregnant women are dying, help us” thing just a ploy to get her to come to the Island?

Three years later, Kate returns to Cassidy’s house. We meet Sawyer’s kid, Clementine. Kate tells Cassidy that she has to go back to the Island. Tells her about the supermarket incident. Says she wasn’t surprised that it happened. Cassidy replies that Sawyer broke Kate’s heart, so Aaron was the nearest replacement.

Will she leave Aaron with Cassidy?

Back in the 70s. Kate asks Sawyer why he’s helping Ben. He says it’s for Juliette. She doesn’t want a kid to die no matter how evil he will grow up to be.

Juliette busts into the house where Jack is being held. Confronts him in the shower. She tells Jack that Sawyer and Kate are trying to save Ben because he refused to. Jack tells her that he came back because he was supposed to. He doesn’t know why yet.

In the jungle. Sawyer carries Ben’s limp body. Kate brings up Sawyer’s daughter. He asks about her. Kate says she looks just like him when she smiles. Sawyer tells her that she and him would have never worked out. When she comments about his relationship with Juliette, he counters that he’s done a lot of growing up in the last three years. As the touching moment builds –

The Others appear, guns in hand! Tell Sawyer and Kate that they are in violation of the truce. Sawyer demands that they take, him, Kate, and Ben to Richard Alpert, and do it now!

Kate goes to Claire’s mother’s hotel room. Kate tells her that Aaron is her grandson. Claire’s alive. Kate tells her that Claire survived the crash. That the Oceanic Six lied. Claire’s mom asks why they left Claire on the Island. Kate tells her the true story of what happened. Claire’s mom asks why they lied. Kate replies that she needed Aaron. Apologizes. Kate tells her that when she’s ready, he’s waiting for her. Kate says that she wants her to take care of Aaron. She’s going back to the Island to find Claire. Kate cries over her decision to leave Aaron. Tells him goodbye.

Back on the Island, Richard appears. Asks if he’s carrying Ben. Kate asks if Richard can save Ben’s life. Richard says that if he takes him, he’ll never be the same again. He’ll forget what happened, his innocence will be gone. He’ll from then on be one of them. Richard takes Ben away.

Richard takes been into a secret chamber. Is this where the smoke monster emerges from?

Back in the present. Adult Ben awakens. Sees Locke who tells him, “Welcome back to the land of the living.” Ben’s face shows panic, fear, shock.

Pretty crazy episode, but if the preview for next week’s ep is any indication, the fun is just beginning. It looks like they may be going back to the flashback format of previous seasons if this ep is any indication. We’ll see.

What are your thoughts on the time travel conversation/theories presented in tonight’s episode? While Miles had some good points, Hurley brought up some interesting questions. And where’s Daniel Farady? He came back to the 70s, too? If anyone can make sense of what’s going on time-wise, it’s him. We’ll have to keep watching and see what happens.

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