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Lost continues to sizzle this season with plenty of twists and turns that continue to baffle, perplex, and entice viewers each week. With this season’s time/space shifting in full swing, we now have a group trapped in the 1970s and working with the Dharma Initiative and the other group in present day.

So, what will happen next? The saga continues with this week’s ep, “He’s Our You.”

As we know from last week’s episode, “Namaste,” young Ben has now encountered Sayid who is being held captive as a Hostile by the Dharma Initiative.

Over in Iraq, a young Sayid kills a chicken after his older brother is unable to do so. Upon hearing that it was indeed Sayid who killed the chicken, Sayid’s father says that at least one of his son’s (meaning Sayid) is a man.

Flash to Sayid in the Dharma cell, circa 1970. Young Ben visits Sayid and brings him food and a book. Ben asks if Richard sent Sayid. Sayid hesitates, looks at the camera trained on him. Ben assures him that they can see them on camera, but not hear them. Ben reveals his intentions to leave the Dharma camp and kill everyone there. He says he’s been patient and encourages Sayid to be patient as well. Id he is, young Ben says, he’ll help him out.

Does this mean he could possibly kill Jack, Kate, Hurley, and the others if they remain at the Dharma barracks for much longer? How would that effect the future?

In Russia, a man rushes to and room, locks the door, goes to open a safe. The door is kicked open and Sayid enters. Kills the man. Exits the house. Sayid meets up with Ben. Ben tells him his mission is complete. Sayid can’t believe that Ben is able to just walk away after all the killings. He tells Sayid he’s free to live his life now.

So, can we assume that Ben and Sayid meeting in the 1970s resulted in their assassin relationship later on? When they meet in the hatch when Ben is Henry Gale, did they already know each other?

How does all this past interaction affect the future on the Island and the futures of the Oceanic Six and the other castaways?
Back in Dharma-land, Horace talks to Sayid. Wants to know what he was doing in the jungle. If he’s having a problem with his people. If he is, he wants to help. If he’s a spy, that’s a bad thing. Horace gives him an hour to decide if he wants to talk. If now, Horace is willing to take it to the next level.

Over in Sawyer and Juliette’s house, Juliette asks if they’re time playing house is over. Sawyer makes it clear that nothing’s changed. He has everything under control. Horace comes in. Says he wants to bring in Oldham to interrogate Sayid. Sawyer wants to talk to Sayid alone. After he head-butts Sayid, Sawyer tells him that he has a plan: if Sayid says he’s a Hostile who wants to defect, he can keep him safe. He tells Sayid to just say he will give up the secrets of the Hostiles in exchange for being able to live among the Dharma people. Sayid refuses. Says he’d rather do things on his own.

Lunch with Kate, Jack, and Hurley as they discuss what’s going on. Hurley brings up the fact that Sawyer and Juliettea re an item, which makes Kate and Jack rather uncomfortable. Kate asks Jack if he knew. Jack says yes.

Sayid encounters Roger Linus (Ben’s dad), who can’t believe that Sayid got caught. Just then, Ben enters to the surprise of his father. Shocked that Ben made a sandwich for Sayid, he slams Ben against the bars, and throws the sandwich across the room.
In South America, Sayid builds houses for the poor. Ben appears. Tells Sayid John Locke is dead. Murdered. Retribution for the work he and Sayid have been doing. Ben asks Sayid to kill for him again. Says Sayid is capable of things other men aren’t. he’s a killer. Sayid counters that he’s not what Ben thinks he is. Ben leaves.

Back to Sayid’s cell. Sawyer confronts him once more. He refuses to speak. Sawyer tazes him. Sayid is taken out to the jungle, meets Oldham (William Sanderson; better known a Larry from Newhart). Sayid asks Sawyer who Olham is, to which Sawyer replies: “He’s our you.” Hence the title of tonight’s ep. Oldham’s a crazy psycho S.O.B who is tasked with torturing Sayid. Sayid is strapped to two trees and fed a cube of something (mescaline Jell-o?), and told that he will tell them the truth.

At the docks with Sun, Jack, Sayid, Ben, and Kate. Sayid takes off, says if he sees Ben again it will unpleasant for them both. Sayid drinks at a bar, meets an exotic woman. She says she likes sad men. She asks him what he does. He says he’s between jobs. She tells him that she knows why he’s sad: when you’re good at something and you want to change, there’s always the temptation to stay the same.

Back at Oldham palace-o-torture, Oldham questions Sayid. Thanks to the drugs, he reveals who he is, why he’s there, and what he knows about the Island and the Dharma stations. He reveals to them that they are going to die. Says he’s from the future. Oldham replies that maybe he should have used less drugs.

Juliette shows Kate around the garage where Kate will work. They have a talk about Sawyer and Juliette’s relationship. Just then, Sayid and company return.

At a special Dharma meeting, they discuss what to do with Sayid. Some want to kill him. Sawyer objects, demands more time to talk to him. Razinsky threatens to call Ann Arbor if a decision isn’t made. Amy says that she doesn’t feel safe with Sayid there. Wants her baby (Ethan) safe. Horace puts it to a vote. Under pressure, Sawyer raises his hand as well. Death to Sayid!
I guess we can assume Ann Arbor, Michigan is the home base of the Dharma Initiative. Or is Ann Arbor a person? Hm. Is this Sawyer’s covert way to get back at Sayid for torturing him in season one?

Sayid and the woman from the restaurant bar rush into a hotel room and begin to make hot monkey love. But she has other ideas. She kicks him in the face, pulls a gun, tells him he’s going to answer for what he’s done. Apparently, she’s a bounty hunter, and this is retaliation for his assassination of the man on the golf course (see Season 4).

Sawyer goes to see Sayid. Tells him to punch him in the face, take his keys and leave. Sayid refuses to go. Sawyer tells him that he will be killed. Sayid is un-phased.

Sawyer goes to see Kate. He wants to know why they’re back. She says she only knows why she did. Suddenly, a flaming (on fire, not gay) Dharma van crashes through the barracks and into a home. Panic ensues. Sawyer takes charge. An explosion.
Young Ben visits Sayid in the midst of the chaos. His glasses broken. Young Ben asks that if he lets Sayid out, will he take him to Sayid’s people. Sayid says yes. It’s why he’s there.

Is young Ben responsible for the Dharma van incident? Was it the beginning of his angst against the Dharma Initiative and its people? Will Sayid now become one of the Hostiles as a means to find out what’s going on with the Island? Will Richard know who Sayid is?

Airport terminal. Sayid on his way to the Ajira Air flight. The woman with him is the bounty hunter he was with at the hotel. On the plane, Sayid sees Ben. Sayid asks the woman if she works for him. She says no, why would she? He replies because he did.
Young Ben releases Sayid from his cell. They escape to the jungle. A Dharma van gives chase. They hide. Jin exits the van with a gun and flashlight. He tells Sayid that Sawyer let him go. The radio says otherwise. Sayid takes out Jin to the amazement of young Ben.

Sayid says that he (Ben in the future) was right, he is a killer. Sayid takes Jin’s gun and shoots young Ben! In the chest!! Through the heart!!! Then Sayid runs off into the jungle.

Holy crap! What a twist! So many questions!! How does this affect the future? Is young been really dead? Where will Sayid go? How does Ben’s death impact the Hostiles, the Others, the Dharma Initiative and other aspects of the Island’s future?

Guess we’ll find out be the end of the series! Until then, keep on watching and I’ll see you back here next week!

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