Oliver & Company – DVD Review


The world of Disney animation has had its ups and downs. Over the last seventy decades, Disney has provided kids and adults alike with feats of animated action, adventure, and comedy. From its miraculous beginnings with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the soon-to-be-released Up, Disney has remained a strong force in the world of animated movies.

Oliver & Company was created and released one year before The Little Mermaid (1989). It was with The Little Mermaid that Disney entered its “Golden Age” of animation. With films like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King, Disney was not just kids fare anymore. They were Oscar contenders.

You can tell how different the animation style and flow changed from Oliver & Company to the films that followed. It has a gritty and almost ancient feel that even those before it like Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty didn’t possess.


There are many special features included on the DVD, but are they worth it?

Music & More

Sing along with two rather forgettable songs from the film: “Why Should I Worry?” and “Streets of Gold.”

Games and Activities: Oliver’s Big City Challenge

A game that teaches kids how to steal with the help of a lookout with effective skills for the task. Great job, Disney!

Backstage Disney

The Making of Oliver & Company

An ancient video from the time period when the film was released. Would have been nice to have an updated vid with the creators and voice actors.

Disney’s Animated Animals

A short and disappointing featurette that was a huge let down.

Oliver & Company Scrapbook

Tiny pictures of Concept Art used in pre-production of the film.

Publicity Materials

The original theatrical trailer, TV Spots, and the 1996 re-release trailer. Woo.

Fun Film Facts

By far my favorite. There’s one fact and it isn’t even interesting. It’s the premise to the movie!

Bonus Shorts

Two classic Disney cartoons. One “Lend a Paw” starring Mickey Mouse and Pluto. The other “Puss Café” starring Pluto.

In a nutshell, none of these special features make the DVD worth buying. If you are a huge Disney fan and must have it, go for it. If you have never seen the movie but want to, rent it.

Oliver & Company scrounges up a B-. The special features earn a C. Woof!

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