Half Life 3

[Update #2]

We would like to mention here that “Half-Life 3” is speculation, as we only have confirmation that Half-Life 2: Episode 3 will not be the last Half-Life game. It has been confirmed previously that Episode 3 will end the current Half-Life story arc, but not the franchise, nor the episodic medium.

There is perfect chance that there will be a series of episodic Half-Life games after Episode 3 (but unconnected to the current story arc). Then again, we cannot deny the possibility of a full-fledged title like Half-Life 3. Hell, for all we know, it might even be a prequel!


We have had a number of comments wanting a confirmation of our sources. While this should not be required, the writing credits of the StuffWeLike.com staff can be confirmed. The writer of this piece Ted Stokes is the main game reviewer for Ireland’s main PC magazine PC Live! In the magazine’s current issue he has an interview with Assassin’s Creed Producer Jade Raymond.

The Founder and Editor of StuffWeLike.com, David Rodriguez, is known for his contributions to the independent video game community with his indie game publisher Packom Interactive. He has distributed several titles such as Ethereal Darkness Interactive‘s Morning’s Wrath and Wadjet Eye GamesThe Blackwell Legacy.

StuffWeLike.com was created back in 2002 as a website that dissects and entertains the internet generation.


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In an exclusive interview we at StuffWeLike.com have had official confirmation that there will be a Half Life 3.We are not talking about Half Life 2: Episode 3 but a Half Life title after that one.

Our confirmation comes after taking with Doug Lombardi the guy responsible for all those PR pieces you have seen and read recently about Half Life 2: Episode 2. While discussing the game mechanics that run the Orange Box Portal game the topics of future games came up. These interview pieces are below and we do have permission from Valve to release it to you guys. Even though its not much in terms of details even getting a confirmation that there will be another game is a first!

Doug Lombardi

TS-SWL: With the ending of Episode 2 going directly to help the feeling of “must play Episode 3 now” could you give the current estimated date for Episode 3’s release?

DL: We haven’t announced a date for Ep Three just yet.

TS-SWL: Are there any current plans after Episode 3 to have a Half Life 3?

DL: We haven’t announced anything specific, but Half-Life won’t end at Episode Three – hang on to your crowbars!

TS-SWL: For Portal, can you explain in layman’s terms how the engine allows the mechanics to make it so you can go from one point to another? Does it duplicate the room after a portal location is selected or is it something else?

DL: A portal is two planar rectangles in 3D space. When both portals are placed we build a mathematical formula that converts position and angle values from one portal to the other. Rendering the portal is done in a separate pass where we use that formula to covert the player’s view position and angles to the view they see through the portal.

We also generate special collision data to represent the portal hole by grabbing collision data near each portal, combining them, and carving a rectangular whole through the center. When the player is near the portal they use this collision data instead of the standard data, allowing them to pass through the wall. We then use the conversion formula to teleport the player to the proper position after they’ve gone more than halfway through the portal.

It’s of course a lot more complex than that, but that’s the basic idea.

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111 thoughts on “Half Life 3”

  1. I’m a game programmer, and I didn’t understand a word he said about the portal..?

    Can someone start with explaining what the portal is for?

  2. Official confirmation of Half Life 3? How the heck do you get that from “Half-Life won’t end at Episode Three”?

    By whatever rationale, you could just as easily interpret it to mean official confirmation of Episode Four.

    Supposition passed of as a ‘world exclusive’? Yeah, this is a real worthwhile site…

  3. Thats great !!! Im asking myself if there`s going to be alyx in the episode 3 cause shes`s hot. 😳 😀 😀 How long i will have to wait for episode 3?

    Youre on The Road to paradise 😎 😉

    Half life 1,2 Epi.1,Epi.2 I WANT MORE CAUSE IM GAME FREAK

  4. ummm… in no way whatsoever did doug say there would be a half-life three. could just be episode four. please stop brandying guesses as legitimate facts.

  5. Yeah but i found something. They say that half life will end with episode 3.

    At the end of Episode Two, Gordon and Alyx watch a video recorded by Dr. Judith Mossman, a scientist who worked with Eli Vance and the resistance. Mossman reports of the discovery of a lost cargo ship, the Borealis, which supposedly carries a dangerous new technology developed by Black Mesa rivals Aperture Science. Episode Three will most likely take place aboard the Borealis, where you’ll be sent to retrieve the tech before the Combine get to it.

    Valve is already working on Episode Three. So when is it coming out? We have no idea. Hope i give you some answers

  6. Hi Andy,

    The current story arch will end with episode 3. That’s what makes this news so important is that no one was sure if Valve would continue the series or put it on hold for a while. But it looks like things are moving on creating something Half Life related after episode 3.

  7. I still have one question. What is going to happen to Alyx Vance? Is she going to face the same fate as her father? I recall from episode 2 that she is going to be used just like freeman did. can i get some answeres?

  8. lol They havnt anouced a Half life 3 but the episodes will end at 3 but the franchise will still live on its pretty obvious they are gonna make a hl3 and lets just hope alyx stays all the way to the end and wtf happened to barney in ep 2 lol

  9. I just hope they will bring back Adrian Shephard, from Opposing Force. He’s been inside that V-22 Osprey that G-man put him in, for a along time now.

    It would be good if like a portal rift opened during the 7 hour war, and you got to play as Adrian Shephard during the 7 hour war. That would spice things up a bit, depending what Episode 3 turns out like.

  10. I think that hey should make half-life 3 as gordon and alyx workin together in a lab when they encounter a new more powerful alien species when they open a portal to another univerese.

  11. Half-Life will never end as long as there are people to make it. It deals with other dimensions and galactic empires… surely the Combine isn’t the only power out there? When they’re wiped out, not even the sky is the limit. There are many possibilities to what in the world, or what in the whole universe, or perhaps what in this dimension… you get my point… could happen to Gordon. The game has so many possibilities, we’ll be seeing it around forever. And I sure hope so, too! It’s a great series.

  12. What I understand from it and other places is that half life 2 story line ends at episode 3, so after that the combine story is supposedly over and then it says half life just wont be on the same storyline in the following games. There isn’t going to be an episode 4.

  13. i dont even think half life will ever end…….so of course there will be a half life 3!

  14. Half Life should NEVER end! I’m quite happy with my addiction… :mrgreen:

    Barney better be back though!!!

  15. HL3 would do well, how can you really stop something that everyone wants? HL2DM still has a 1000+ online servers, and a new game would only bring back the ones who moved on to TF2, Quake, and sadly even WOW…lol I hope to see it someday. 🙂

  16. I luv to see more Half Life serise, its better to combnie protal with HL3, hiiiiiiiii.

    u guys rocks thank for brilent game….

    finelly left gordon talk in HL2 EP3

  17. Well i believe that the HL story must end with episode 3 or 4 if required.That’s why the story is perfect as it is and if valve will make more episodes or games the story of the hl universe must become bigger and more complex and that’s not always good!The point is that HL must not become a ‘neverend’ game.’It’s better if you retire in your highlight’.!

  18. Following the game story people can almost see what the half life universe is all about.
    Probably the episode 3 will be all about “Borealis” and it’s consequences resulting in a “half life 1” situation.
    Then there are going to be episodic games as introduction to half life 3.
    Chances are that Freeman will have to travel to the Combine dimension (like half life 1 where he travels to Xen) and probably there are going to be battles between huge numbers of Vortigauns, humans and combine forces, lets hope that systems will be ready for that amount of graphic particles.

  19. I don’t know guys, but i want to know the hole story. There is things that i don’t understand yet (about the story of the game). I hope there is Half Life 3 and thats how it should end all 🙂

  20. Well, the adventures with Gordan over the years have been fun, not to mention Alyx. Be hard to imagine how they would fit in after episode 3. Since Gordan and Alyx seem to get more intimate, who knows, maybe in Half Life 3/Episode 4, we’ll be playing as their kids…

  21. It will be very cool if Ep4, or either HL3 will be released once, looking forward to Ep3, I was always interested in Half-Life storyline. But who knows yeah, like you said Wild, maybe their kids xD Little kids with a crowbar, killing head-crabs and the remaining Combine Soldiers, and even the new enemies, would be funny. 😀 I’m looking forward to it.

  22. i m becoming a great fan of half life 2. and i ve started dreaming about half life 3. cant wait anymore. plz do it fast, just stop delaying and go for creating the game……. 😡

  23. I Love The HL Series I Think In EP3 Aylx Mite Be Out Of Action For A Bit Of The Game Then Like Come With You Then She Gets Dead Angery That She Kick The Ass Of Everthing That Piss Her Off Cuz She So Upset About Her Dad LOL 😆 It Be Cool If She Jumped On Top Of A Adviser And Shot The Hell Out Of It Well Shes On Top Then Its Crashs To The Floor And She Get Off It And Says Lets Go In A Really Cool Voice 🙂 I Hope When They Make Anoth Series The Don’t Spoil It 😡

  24. 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 i hate them now!!! they cant leave it at episode 2 for much longer!!!!!! If i have to wait any longer then i might just EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S im only screaming out loud because i love this series :mrgreen:

  25. It would be cool to play as Gordon Jr. I think that the story line should start out as the Russians and Americans make an alliance and nuke the hell out of the combine planet. After that they both settle out to the planet and each side gets half the planet. But arguments start to happen about who gets what territory and soon you have they have war and its up to Gordon Jr. to play as a double agent to stop the war.

  26. More than any other creature in this series…. Headcrabs creep me out. They’re always lurking about behind a door or crate. And they way they move…. AHH ! I never tire of my Orange Box. Incredible storyline and action !

  27. Great! half life ep3 and hl3, this is good news

    but im saddened on the fact its not continueing the story arc 🙁 uh well…

  28. I hecka need a new half life or episode! wichever tells what happens next!!! iv been waiting for a long time. i cant wait to see wat alyx’s reaction to the combine is, she’ll be hecka pissed!and i wanna ride in da hellacopter! and go to that borealis ship thingy that was made by apature science! will portal tie into ep.3 or hl3!?!? i also wanna kill an advisor and show the combine whos boss!oh and i alredy sorta killed 1 cuz in ep2 (be4 eli dies) and noclip to the back of the hanger! so many ?’s! I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!

  29. Hi Folks,

    well, i hv tried HL1 & just finished HL2, but the most interesting was HL-2 (The graphics & the presentation etc… was well developed & game was just imagazing & still hunting for the HL-3.


    Compare to “Crysis” & call of duty-4… HL-2 was just cool………

  30. man i cannot whait half-life 3
    its best game ever ….
    i hawe played all half – lifes and i cannot whait more ……

  31. I hope Half Life 3 wil show the home planet of Aliens & Gorden Freeman must destroy the home planet of aliens, and kill the boss of Aliens

    and more about G man.

    that would be good to know about it.

  32. if.its.not.gordon.freeman.in.hl3…then.i.dnt.want.hl3

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  34. here is perfect chance that there will be a series of episodic Half-Life games after Episode 3 (but unconnected to the current story arc). Then again, we cannot deny the possibility of a full-fledged title like Half-Life 3. Hell, for all we know, it might even be a prequel!peninggi badan

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