Singing rabbits and crying babies.

I was watching Rat Race on Comedy Central, good movie, not the point. During a break they showed a commercial about a guy trading a singing rabbit for some skittles. I’m wondering to myself “WHY?!” I’m a child of the 80s, a decade when not much was normal either way, but I do remember when I was growing up that we did, at one point, have normal commercials. Now we have commercials that don’t even have to do the product itself. Singing Rabbits, Crying plastic babies(PS3 commercial), and a Fu-Manchu type character saying something I cannot remember at this time. WHY?!

Show a funny situation with your product. Kick someone in the nuts then pour Doritos on him, not that difficult. Forgo the prosthetics, and the animatronics. Just give us something to laugh at. something that looks really good, or even a hot chick using the product. We don’t need these inane commercials that barely make sense. Hell, I’ve even avoided eating at Quiznos for years because of those damn Spongemonkies commercials they used to run.

We don’t need crying babies and singing rabbits.


Its a me! Veras Gunn!

Right, so I’m Veras Gunn. Obviously that’s not my real name, that’s a handle, one I used frequently in fact. My real name’s Justin Brogan, not that that’s important. I used to work for SWL, being the podcaster for SWL prior to the videocasts. My microphone broke, and I just stopped helping all together. But here I am now, blogging. Why? Because…. okay, not quite sure about that, but that shouldn’t concern you.

From time to time I’ll be posting here talking about games, movies, TV shows, comics, or even perhaps a restaurant I ate at recently that I really liked. I can go from being an intellectual, to being completely insane, so look forward to that…. that’s about it. If I think of anything else I’ll post it here.

Oh! I thought of something. Bagels. That is all.