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I think we all knew that a change was in store for G4 when both Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler quickly exited the channel within a month of each other. Now word has spread that G4 is going under a new transformation.

When G4 first launched I was one of those people who requested it become available in my zipcode. I was pissed that I was missing out on all this gaming content on my TV. When it finally arrived I loved the channel. It wasn’t perfect, but it did the job of trying to be something more. I loved leaving the TV on and watching video game trailers, seeing gamers play matches against each other, and simply watching other people talk about video games.

As G4 aged times did change for the channel. In ways it lost focus on what it once was, but as we all know channels do change over time for better or worse. At the end of the day it was not the quality of the content, but it was ratings that killed G4.

Launching in 2013 G4 will be transformed into a much more classy channel. It will be reminiscent of a modern male magazine ala GQ. Yes, G4 will still be guy centric and still feature technology and video game stories.

Change is a good thing that we should embrace. When G4 and TechTV merged in 2004 it was an exciting time for the channel. I think this new drastic shift will get many people who once watched G4 to check it out when it does relaunch. Ten years has passed since G4 launched. Those are ten years that its viewers have aged and gained new tastes and experiences. It is time for G4 to evolve and meet those new cravings.

G4 is a TV network and you expect that it should produce content that can stand up beyond what we can easily and quickly find on the internet. If this rebranding brings on more unique, original, and higher quality content then I say that this is the best move for G4 and I await to see what happens next.


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