Infinity Ward CTO/President fired, employees freaked out

Infinity Ward, with exception of Blizzard, is quite possibly one of Activision’s most profitable acquisitions. They bring the company a small World War II title, which explodes into one of the best selling games in history. This company, originally comprised of ex-Medal of Honor devs, has quickly grown to one of the most widely followed developers in the gaming industry. So this begs the question on why Activision is sending Security to their doors.

G4 originally reported that the company’s heads, Vince Zampella and Jason West, had gone to a meeting with Activision and had not been seen since then. This was followed by Activision bouncers showing up outside the studio doors, and Jason West updating his facebook status as being drunk and unemployed.

Robert Bowling, the community manager for Infinity Ward, responded on his Twitter.

I should also say, while I appreciate all the calls, tweets, messages and hearing my ringtone a lot. They’re in vain – as I have no info.

This was followed by Tim Schafer, founder and lead designer for Double Fine Studios who developed Psychonauts and BrĂ¼tal Legends, known for having trouble with Activision in his past over his last game, twittering about the stiutation.

Getting mad at Activision for this kind of thing is like getting mad at an ape for throwing feces. It’s just how the beast communicates.

I’m sure we’ll hear an official statement on the entire thing from Activision later today, but the entire ordeal strikes me as concerning. At this point, anything related to the company’s future developments is pure speculation.

UPDATE: Security Appears At Infinity Ward, Studio Heads Missing, Activision Investigating “Insubordination”


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